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Specialized Intensive Therapy Services

4 Hour Intensives

Intensives are designed to effectively emotionally process trauma and/or relationship concerns without having the end of the hour halt the progress that occurred in the session. It's challenging enough to discuss painful concerns and/or memories without having to start/stop each week due to insurance or scheduling restrictions. Intensives provide the time and space to delve deeper and fully allow the therapeutic process to occur. 


Choose your preferred setting; professional office, comfort of your own home or setting of your choosing.

*Price will vary depending on travel costs and setting.  


Intensives are designed to occur over the weekend, with up to four-hours, at a time, with breaks throughout. 


You must request intensives and be determined to be appropriately ready for this type of work. 

Women's Trauma Recovery Group

The goal is to increase awareness, reduce symptoms as well as increase connections and support. The group is time limited, 6 months, which will allow time for greater skill development as well as processing and support. You must also be receiving co-occurring individual therapy to provide greater stabilization and processing of what is learned in group. Seating is limited to 8 individuals. ​


Integration of Prolonged Exposure, Seeking Safety, WTREM, CPT, Somatic and EMDR, self-compassion and mindfulness. 

Psycho-Education of Trauma, PTSD and the stress response system, it's symptoms and effects on the mind/body.

Gentle guided mindfulness practices and self-compassion practices for experiential processing. 

Development of a personalized trauma recovery wellness plan with coping skills referenced. 

Individualized trauma recovery journal provided.


"Sarah has provided guidance and support when I had none. I am forever grateful for her kind, compassionate and empathetic approach. I am now a believer of counseling, the process and trusting myself as well as learning how to trust others. I have been able to heal and move forward and leave the past behind me"


"Sarah has helped me through some of the most painful times in my life. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance, support, encouragement, insight, and skills that she has taught me along the way. She helped me see things from a different perspective and find some relief from emotional pain I have carried for years. I've learned the importance of self-compassion on my healing journey and how to truly love and accept myself where I am at."


"Sarah has helped me so much with my healing journey. She is amazing at encouraging, connecting, and listening. Her compassion and knowledge have helped me feel safe. I met with several others before finding Sarah and knew within the first visit she was experienced and could be trusted. She always is sharing new information on healing and has incredible resources. Since meeting with her, I feel she has helped me step back into my power. Her training and research shows as she guides me through trauma recovery and helps me process and move forward. I can feel her passion about helping others as we talk. I've learned a great deal of mindfulness and self-acceptance since meeting with her and feel incredibly lucky to have found her. "


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