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Insight & Empowerment

Counseling for Individuals, Couples, Families, Teens & Children

Welcome to Insight & Empowerment

Our Mission

To help empower individuals, couples, or families in their healing journey, increase connection, hope and change.


Our Vision

To provide evidenced based, integrative and holistic methods to support improved mental well-being.


Core Values

Empowerment, trauma-informed, integrative practices, resiliency, vulnerability, integrity, trust, empathy, compassion.


Wellness Begins Here

Insight and Empowerment was originally established in 2018 and eventually grew to become an agency staffed with fully credentialed mental health service providers. We provide individualized, trauma-informed, counseling services to the Idaho Falls and local surrounding area. Our clinicians provide mental health services for adults, adolescents and children.

Our clinicians utilize evidence-based practices to meet you or your loved ones needs. Our agency has also increased supportive services for clients and now offers Peer Support Services, Youth Supports and Case Management Services. 

A Network of Support

Whether this is the first time that you're seeking out therapy or if you have done this before, the process can be overwhelming. But you should know that by being here you've taken such an important step forward in beginning to heal your pain and resolve personal struggles.

One of the unique things about the therapeutic relationship is it's level of emotional intimacy. You will be sharing things that perhaps you have never shared with anyone before. As Brene Brown says,

Courage Starts with Showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

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